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Zoox Is Now Part Of HTNG

Zoox is now part of HTNG

More and more Zoox Smart Data has established itself in the global market, closing partnerships with companies and institutions that believe in innovation, like HTNG.

Zoox is now part of HTNG, Hospitality Technology Next Generation, an association dedicated to innovation in hospitality.

We recently became members of Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), a global association that encourages the development of innovative hospitality solutions.

The HTNG is recognized as the leading voice in the global movement of technology for hospitality, with members articulating models to generate innovation, enhancing the guest experience, increasing efficiency and creating a healthy environment for technology companies.

“We have become part of a group of the best technology brains in hospitality in the United States,” said Rafael Nader, vice president of Sales for Zoox Smart Data.

Zoox is now part of HTNG

Among the values of HTNG, we can point out:

  • Help companies integrate their products more easily, leading to distribution and support globally.
  • Increase the standardization of methods and systems, through certified standards or the adoption of common approaches.
  • Help IT and hospitality companies focus more on researching and developing innovative solutions and avoiding “commodity technologies.”

Just as HTNG, we believe that developing technology is a way to drive business, and among its associates are executives, consultants and members of the academic community.

Through collaboration, HTNG and its members develop the advancement of technologies and solutions on a global level.

Zoox understands the importance of dialogue with companies around the world. Our global strategy counts on offices in Argentina, the United States, Mexico and Portugal, where we have partnerships with companies from both technology as well as hospitality.

The active participation in this group gives us the opportunity to seek solutions together, contributing to an industry that has been changing in rapid steps with the implementation of new technologies such as face recognition, big data and data analysis.

And you? Do you already know how technology will change the guest experience, hotel systems and even check-in? See how this is already happening.

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