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What Is Hotspot And How To Use It In Favor Of Your Business

What is Hotspot and how to use it in favor of your business

In an increasingly connected and dynamic world, new words are coming all the time to talk about technology. Do you know what is a hotspot?

Understand what is Hotspot and how it works

What is Hotspot and how to use it in favor of your business

Companies, businesses, public places, any space where there are many people passing by can benefit from offering WiFi. Some places choose to charge a fee for access while others offer for free.

Free internet connection is expected in some establishments, such as is the case of hotels, restaurants and bars, in these places the most common is that the WiFi is offered as a courtesy.

The quest for this kind of convenience grows more and more. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia there was a 345% increase in access to stadium Hotspot compared to 2014.

The internet was also featured during the Olympics, with more than 150,000 connected devices and 1.4 petabytes of data used during the 17-day event in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Most businesses see open connection as a necessary service to the customer experience, invest in the infrastructure to provide the connection, but do not use it strategically to have a return on investment.

How Zoox helps you get a return from your Hotspot

If you offer free WiFi and want to take a step forward, Zoox Smart Data helps you to get a return on the investment made.

At Zoox we work with innovative solutions that generate business for your company. One of them is our Zoox Smart WiFi, which manages your connection in a simple way and turns it into a strategic tool.

Our solution has several advantages to manage your WiFi

Advantage #1: Branding

To connect to the network, your customer will see a page with your logo, company name and text edited by you. It will not simply go into any WiFi network. They will always know that you are making that experience available.

Advantage #2: Security

Open networks are easy targets for people with good technical knowledge and bad intentions. Our solution monitors your WiFi network to make it safer for your business and your users.

Advantage #3: Turnover

You can control usage time to prevent them from using your space just to go online.

Advantage #4: Speed

Our system manages data traffic better and leaves your connection much faster. Do not forget that the more devices are connected, the greater  the need is to invest in speed.

Advantage #5: Compliance

Our solution ensures that your connection is in accordance with the current laws.

Advantage #6: Marketing

The marketing benefits and strategic actions of your company are so great that we need to separate a space just for them.

Big Data WiFi

While many WiFi managers ask the user to fill out a registration that goes to their database, Zoox crosses user data with several other information points in the cloud.

You have access to a complete profile to gather information he authorized to make public other Hotspots, websites, social networks, applications, institutions etc.

It is the crossing of various data that will give you information to create innovative actions in your company.

If you have an event house, have you ever thought about whether you knew exactly which bands your customers enjoy on social networks? And the drinks that they consume the most?

If you have a restaurant, with a simple authorization in the connection you can know exactly the week of your client’s birthday to offer that special discount.

Information makes marketing actions more strategic as there is more detailed knowledge about consumer behavior, making the relationship between company and customer closer.

Zoox helps you make the right decisions using the best data. Do you want to go to the next step in marketing your business?

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