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How Trade Marketing Can Benefit From Technological Solutions

How Trade Marketing can benefit from technological solutions

How Trade Marketing can benefit from technological solutions

Trade Marketing is a set of actions to increase sales over direct channels (industry, consumer), indirect ones (wholesale, distributor) and points of sales. By directly impacting revenues, this is an area of ​​great interest to companies.

Like many other areas, technology is transforming the way Trade Marketing is done and organizations will need to update themselves to remain competitive.

Digital Trade Marketing: A New Way To Sell

Being an area of ​​high strategic value, Trade Marketing is usually responsible for innovative actions. You have already read here our article on innovation cases in the sales process

However, innovating only at physical points of sale is no longer enough. More and more consumers are using the new technologies to make purchasing decisions and companies are discussing Digital Trade Marketing, which is to apply the traditional trade marketing concepts to the digital sales channel, in order to collect more relevant information.

The reason is easy to understand: digital and physical sales are converging. According to Google,  e-commerce has increased as much as 15% a year and 58% of all purchases made in 2017 had some digital interaction.

Data analysis

Data Analysis is not something new for those who work with Trade Marketing. The area’s professionals usually measure impacted clients, sales, results of promotional actions, etc. What this technology has changed is the quantity, origin, and nature of the data.

From now on, the analyzed data allows the evaluation of the consumer’s journey; the user experience and the results of digital actions. The trend is that the physical and virtual points are coming closer together, with customers being impacted online and going to the point of sale to make the purchase or vice versa.

Want to know more about how this digital transformation is happening? Here are two cases we have selected.

Case # 1: Automated Shopping Carts

It is not only with promotions, but actions in sales outlets and advertisements that sell products, thinking and improving the consumer experience are also essential. It was based on this that 7Fresh, a Chinese supermarket, developed automated shopping carts.

The carts are programmed to follow the customer around the store, giving them more freedom to choose products, take care of the children and use the smartphone.

The innovative store also features “magic mirrors” that detect when a product is selected and then display the origin and history of a product, providing storytelling and enhancing the experience.

Case # 2: IKEA’s “IKEA Place” Application

Even in an increasingly digital world, it seems that selling some products is easier to happen offline. That is the case with furniture, for example. Nothing will replace the experience of seeing it, touching its material and hearing the salesperson´s opinion about it, isn’t it? That’s not what IKEA thinks.

The furniture giant invested in an augmented reality application, the “IKEA Place”. When downloading the app, the client uses a 3D simulation to visualize the mobile and fit it anywhere in the house. A more visually interesting experience than just seeing it in the store.

According to Michael Valdsgaard, IKEA Systems’ leader in digital transformation, IKEA Place has come to give “customers an opportunity to try the piece of furniture before buying it.” Currently, the application has more than 370,000 active users monthly.

Invest in intelligence and generate sales

What these cases show is that investing in intelligence is a way to generate sales and increase efficiency. The more you understand your customer, the more you can create consumer experiences that work for them.

Digital transformation is changing the way we do business and Digital Trade Marketing is here to prove it.

That’s why we work with innovative technologies that connect you to your customer. Whether through the Zoox Smart Pass, an evolution in the collection of check-in data, or Zoox WiFi, which turns your WiFi network into a data mine, what matters is the delivery of experiences that drive sales and relationship with the client.

Want to know more about how our services can generate more sales tailored to your customer’s preferences?

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