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How Technology Will Change Work

How technology will change work

Discover how Big Data, artificial intelligence and sensors are changing companies and how they organize themselves. And more, how technology will change work.

How technology will change work

In the Zoox Smart Data‘s Blog we’ve talked about how Big Data is changing our lives, the cities and the way we do business, now is the time to talk about the effects of Big Data for companies.

Understand how technology will change work

People Analytics: Big Data in Human Resources

People Analytics is the practice of refining “raw” data to identify trends in efficiency, productivity, motivation, and engagement. A common application of Big Data in the Human Resources sectors, which will increasingly use technology for decision making.

With a large number of data on each employee processes, their performance and results, the company can better understand what actions directly affect its employees and where to make changes.

A great example of the practice is Bank Of America, which suffered from a 40% turnover rate in its Call Centers. From the analysis of the data, the company found that less efficient centers were those with a lower rate of employee interaction. By making a small cultural shift, setting up a collective lunch schedule, the organization saw overall efficiency rise by 23%.

Another success story was McKinsey Consulting, whose mission was to reduce the turnover of an international fast-food franchise. Fifteen criteria were established to evaluate the employees, who were classified into four profiles: socializers, potential leaders, entrepreneurs and conservatives.

After reviewing more than 10,000 different data, the consultancy has made improvements that have increased consumer satisfaction by 100%, process speed by 30% and sales by 5%.

Are you finding everything far removed from your reality? In fact, if your company uses intelligent solutions that enable data storage, People Analytics is already possible. And using data to increase productivity is far from a distant reality. After all, companies that participate in competitive markets need cutting-edge professionals.

Technology and the work environment

Along with the strategic part of the companies, Big Data will also have its impacts on the overall routine of the company and its employees. The data will have direct effects on the organization’s culture, which will underpin its rules, codes of conduct, benefits and advantages from sound statistical information.

One example is Fujitsu, which installed sensors in the uniform of its employees connected to some panels of the company. They were used to detect temperature levels, movements, heart rate, posture, tone of voice in speech during the work period, among other aspects.

Through this information, the company has been able to prove that employees engaged in health and wellness have improved performance at work over time. And they even managed to monitor the stress level of their team.

Steelcase also used technology to improve the working environment. Using sensors, the company began mapping meeting rooms, employee movement within them, and what resources and tools (video, table, board, etc.) were most commonly used. This data was used to plan better and more engaging workrooms.

Isn’t corporate training working? American Universities are predicting student difficulties through sensors, raising the graduation rate by 6%. The tendency is for similar solutions to be used to optimize corporate training and development programs.

Benefits and advantages, meeting rooms and training, companies will increasingly use Big Data and sensors to identify what happens in the workplace, and how data can optimize their decisions.

The examples cited demonstrate what is already happening around the world and what will be the standard in all organizations. Companies that can anticipate this trend will stay ahead and gain competitive advantage.

Zoox Smart Data brings your company to the future

At Zoox Smart Data we work with connectivity, Big Data, face recognition and marketing solutions that enable our customers to anticipate global trends in technology and Big Data.

Your company can now live the future and be part of the great technological revolution in which we are living.

Now that you know how technology will change work, talk to one of our experts.

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