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3 Examples Of How Technology Is Changing Hospitality

3 examples of how technology is changing hospitality

3 examples of how technology is changing the hospitality

Innovations move the world forward. New technologies affect communication, industry, transportation and many other sectors, and hospitality could not be any different. Technology is changing hospitality.

Just as facial recognition and big data are revolutionizing many segments, around the world hotels are modernizing.

A robot that does room service, security systems that are activated by facial recognition, systems to analyze hotel service data and smart rooms that learn from the consumption of each customer, all this is already a reality.

To give some examples of how technology has been revolutionizing hotels worldwide, we have written this special article.

Check 3 examples of how technology is changing hospitality

Baggage Robot – Yotel, Nova York

Tecnología de hotel

Source: Dailymail

Do you need a hand with your bag? How about a robotic hand, totally intelligent, one that can carry up to 250kg and handle more than 300 bags a day?

Competitiveness in the hosting industry in New York is huge, and to differentiate it must offer something totally amazing. That’s what Yotel did, with a robot that stores the guest’s bags in a fully automated way.

In addition to innovating the guest experience shortly after check-in, the robot has a strategic function within the hotel organization:

“The robot gives our team time to focus on the guest and their needs, rather than wasting time with a simple task like storing their luggage,” said Claes Landberg, general manager in an interview for CNBC.

And what could be better? You don’t have to tip.

Voice-controlled rooms – Wynn, Las Vegas

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Source: Entrepeneur

Did you arrive tired from traveling, crazy to sleep, but forgot to turn off the lights of the room when you went to bed? No problem, at Wynn Las Vegas, just say, “lights off” and they go off.

The chain has invested in the idea of a smart room: all the lights, curtains, televisions and ambient temperatures are controlled through the voice. More than 4,748 rooms have received this new technology.

“If in 49 years of experience I saw something that made it easier to deliver a seamless experience for our guests, it was the voice activation (…), being able to speak with your room is extremely convenient,” says Steve Wynn, CEO of the chain.

Without having to lift a finger to do everything you need in the room, your guest is sure to live the most relaxing experience he has ever had in his life. Using sensors and hotel hotspots, the chain has managed to greatly improve consumer satisfaction.

Smart consumption – Bellagio, Las Vegas

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Source: HotelManagement

It is not only with the experience of the consumer that technology has been modifying hotels. The Bellagio in Las Vegas has created a system that, via sensors connected to the Internet, can analyze the use of water and detect possible water leaks.

“This is an innovative project that will evolve our water conservation initiatives significantly, through a better understanding of when, where and how much water is used in each individual system of our hotel,” says Chriss Magee, VP of Sustainable Facilities.

Solutions such as Bellagio, which uses IoT (Internet of Things) to monitor water use is a way to make the company more efficient in their spending and help the planet. The brand also gains in reputation, positioning itself as responsible for the environment, which is even more important for hotels and lodgings closer to nature.

Zoox Smart Data is changing the hospitality

3 examples of how technology is changing hospitality

Zoox Smart Data works with innovative solutions for diverse segments, including hospitality, and changes the relationship of customers with your business. As our work evolves steadily, we are always thinking about how technology can create value for our partners. Especially in hotel marketing.

What if, in the first few minutes of the guest at the hotel, it was possible to demonstrate that he would have a different experience? Enchant them already at check-in?

With this in mind, we developed Zoox Smart Pass. There is no need to fill out long forms that are required for the hotel, but for the guests, it can mean a waste of time: our solution enables check-in fast, safe and charming.

When booking, the guest receives a link to fill out online the FNRH in advance. Just take a selfie and send the data only once.

Our solution recognizes your guests easily, and they are cleared to go up to their rooms, no lines, without filling out any forms, no delays.

And the Zoox Smart Pass can also be used in commercial buildings, events, retail and transportation.

A new customer will know in the first few minutes that you are offering a different experience from the others, more contemporary, efficient and practical.

Now that you’ve seen 3 examples of how technology is changing hospitality, get to know what Zoox Smart Data can do for you better, and how we can innovate your guest experience.

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