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Frictionless check-in

using face recognition

Fast access via facial recognition
and rich datasets for your business.

Zoox Smart Pass simplifies the physical access of visitors, removing time-consuming transactional steps and allowing your business to focus on the quality of the experience, while gives access to data that will allow you craft growth initiatives for your business.

How it works

Zoox Community: +12 million monthly connections

Detailed demographic and psychographic datasets from users connecting to any Zoox Smart Pass or Zoox Smart WiFi enabled network are updated and enriched every time they connect. Additionally, once users have checked-in to any Zoox Smart Pass enabled location, they are automatically recognized and don’t need to go through the entire registration process again.

After connecting to one of the thousands of Zoox Smart WiFi hotspots around the world or registering via the Zoox Smart Pass forms, Zoox Cloud generates a rich profile for each user by compiling detailed demographic and psychographic data.

In your business

Customers can enroll remotely and before physically checking-in or can do it on-site. Once registered, your customer will be part of your Zoox Cloud Community and will never need to register again. If new to our cloud, a new profile will be created. If already part our cloud, her/his information will be automatically merged into a single updated profile.

Knowing your customers

Enriched data from users who are registered in your Zoox Smart Pass network is displayed on an intuitive and custom designed dashboard, where you have access to a detailed view of your customers’ profiles – and gain insights that will contribute to the growth of your business.

Zoox Smart WiFi integration

With Zoox Smart WiFi media solution, you can place ultra-segmented captive portal advertising space in different formats, as well as third party surveys. Your WiFi network, instead of being a cost center, can become a profit department.

Zoox Smart Pass in your business:

Safe and convenient: easy check-in process with pre and one-time registration, making it virtually frictionless;

Increase sales: customer profiles and datasets empower you to develop targeted promotions;

Count on Zoox’s extensive experience in Hospitality, Retail, Transit and Large Venues, with solutions integrated with all major hardware and systems.

Meet your customers: understand the behavior and interests of the users of your service and offer solutions according to your expectations;

ID Mood: track in real-time how your customers are feeling and get an overview of the quality of their service.

Meet your customers: discover your customers’ preferences and tailor your product mix;

ID Mood: track in real-time how your clients are feeling and offer personalized service.

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