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Zoox Smart Data At Smart City Expo 2018, In Barcelona

Zoox Smart Data at Smart City Expo 2018, in Barcelona

Zoox Smart Data at Smart City Expo 2018, in Barcelona

Zoox Smart Data has been invited by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to take part in the Smart City Expo 2018, which holds debates on the concept of smart cities around the world. This year, the Congress will be held in Barcelona (Spain) between  November 13th and 15th.

Smart City Expo 2018

Our founder and CEO, Rafael de Albuquerque, will represent Zoox, which was recognized for his work in the city of Rio de Janeiro. “Today, several strategic points in the city, such as public transportation, gyms and large hotels and retail chains, run with an integrated Wi-Fi network,” explains Albuquerque.

Only in the first half of this year more than four million connections made in the city of Rio de Janeiro, making the capital of Rio de Janeiro advance more and more to join the group of the world’s smart cities, such as New York (U.S.A.), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Tokyo (Japan).

With global operations in more than 10 countries, the expectations for the event are positive, as the exchange of experiences and ideas with participating companies and municipalities, for example.

“By promoting social innovation or by establishing partnerships and identifying business opportunities, the event is dedicated to creating a better future for cities and their citizens around the world.”
Rafael de Albuquerque

CEO and founder of Zoox Smart Data

Anem, Zoox!