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How Sensors Will Change Your Business

How sensors will change your business

How sensors will change your business

Technology is reinventing our way of living. The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), for example, came to define objects that are always connected to the Internet generating information. So let’s show you how sensors will change your way of doing business.

At the beginning of this technological turnaround, there was a real rush to connect everything to the internet: doors, televisions, washing machines, cameras, cars, there are even WiFi toothbrushes.

All this data capture is done through sensors, which can be defined as “devices that detect or respond to some input from the physical environment.”

In general, the word sensors range from thermometers to motion detectors and facial recognition devices.

Americans are leading this innovation, more than 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is generated by sensors in the United States daily and large companies are analyzing this technology in order to discover new business opportunities.

Today the market is at a more mature stage; data is already considered the new oil, a McKinsey study predicted that the strategic use of data (Business Analytics) will generate $11 trillion in economic impact by 2025. We have already addressed the subject in the post on how to use data to sell more.

Data analysis is not an exclusivity of large corporations; companies of all sizes are able to use this strategy to generate more market intelligence. Want to know more about this reality?

3 reasons to use sensors in your business

3 reasons to use sensors in your business

Transform the costumer experience

Sensors will change your business transforming consumer experience, especially in retail and hospitality businesses.

Technology is proving to be a great ally to create completely innovative consumer experiences and delight the target public.

According to Forbes, more than 42% of executives use IoT to improve consumer satisfaction, through smart cameras, electronic tags, temperature gauges and other sensors, they made strategic changes in the business.

A great example of advanced use is the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, which through sensors has created an intelligent mirror.

The MemoMi Mirror automatically checks the outfit chosen by the user, displays a 360-degree view of the chosen piece and with a simple hand movement, you can change the color of the fabric through a projection.

The customer can also complete the look with accessories available in the store. A great way to boost sales.

Data collection and analysis

Increase efficiency

Automation has always been an important part of the transportation sector, industries and large retailers, which often lead to innovation.

In this area, sensors are used to collect data about the processes, generating a substantial increase in business efficiency and reducing the number of errors.

A good example is Amazon’s warehouses, which had all the physical space of the warehouses mapped by sensors and now use robots to locate and load all orders. This technology reduced the company’s operating costs by 20%.

In hospitals, the technology is being used to indicate when a new bed is available and has reduced waiting time by four hours. This is the technology available for greater control on demand, reducing the idleness of the hospitals.

For managers who work with speed, methods and processes, sensors are great allies in Business Intelligence.

With the use of technology, you can collect unprecedented amounts of data never before imagined, in an easy, highly accurate way besides organizing them to generate strategic insights for your business.

Use sensors in your business

Increase connectivity

With cloud computing, companies and consumers are closer. We are seeing on the horizon an era of full-time home office employees and services that can be bought and run without the need to travel.

Health plans are already using internet-connected devices to measure patients’ blood pressure and insulin levels remotely and advising changes in routine medical appointments.

At the Quansset farm, farmers control the humidity, temperature and hydration levels remotely through sensors, without having to get up from the chair.

For now, these applications may seem futuristic, but as the years go by, they will become the industry standard. Consumers will increasingly get used to and demand connected and remote services.

Apply this technology to your business today

Zoox Smart Data is a specialist in technologies that will innovate your way of generating business. One of our solutions, Zoox Smart WiFi can transform a structure that you already have in your company (the WiFi connection) into a real source of intelligence and data.

In addition, we have been able to create tailor-made projects for your business, thinking about how to combine all our solutions, sensors and know-how to generate more results through technology.

Now that you know how sensors will change your business, contact us.

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