How Big Data Helps Retailers Sell More


Through WiFi, Saphyr collects customer data and enhances the shopping experience in their environments.


Operating from conception to business management, Saphyr is one of the largest shopping mall companies in Brazil. With 13 malls in its portfolio and growing, the company requested Zoox’s services to provide WiFi frameworks in its environments and, through it, survey and structure information about customers’ shopping journey.


Digital Transformation: Capturing Data Digitally


In a straightforward digitization process, the company saw a promising way for WiFi to grow its customer database. With partners, Zoox helped implement the WiFi structure in the malls and provided the interface through which to collect the collected data.


With Zoox Smart WiFi, visitors are asked to respond to surveys while browsing. These answers help the customer relationship team get personalized metrics, goals, and communications.


Structuring and functionalizing the collected data


Satisfaction surveys available on the service have enabled large-scale feedback through which the company discovers its points for improvement and sets goals.


Another application of the tool, Zoox Media makes it possible to run targeted advertising campaigns, directing offers to people with high chances of conversion. The platform also guarantees extensive reporting on viewership, interest, and conversion, so the customer has full visibility into return on investment.


Through Media, malls can run advertisements about discounts and promotions inviting customers. In the final reports, it was possible to see a significant increase in sales of products offered via WiFi.