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Programming Has No Age

Programming has no age

Programming has no age

Zoox is a company that stands on constant innovation, and with this in mind we thought we could make it different this year.

Our blog already has a number of articles talking about our areas of focus as well as other themes like: Big Data, Facial Recognition, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence among others.

We have decided to give you a sneak peek at our company´s backstage, at those responsible for what we deliver, and It is with great pride that we will share with you the good stories that team Zoox carries.

We chose to begin with the incredible story of our youngest developers: Beatriz Lima and João Marcus. Despite still in their early twenties, they already have ten years of experience in programming.

No, you haven’t read it wrong! Both started programming when they were only eight years of age with the same purpose:  to furnish houses. Yes, do not worry we are still talking about programming and it will all be explained.

Programming has no age: know the history of Bia and João

So here is how this tale starts: the first game Bia had contact with was Habbo, which objective is to design rooms, buy furniture and visit different places. The problem was that she had to buy virtual coins in order to do that.

Bia’s parents – as most – did not accept to pay for this. But, do you think she just threw a tantrum or jumped right at it and programmed her own game in which she would have limitless coins?

That is right! Thirteen years ago, Bia searched for any and all available information on the web regarding programming – it was not much at that time – and managed to develop her own game on the notepad, uploaded it to a server and gave access to her and her friend to decorate their houses with everything they wished. Impressive, huh?

Surprisingly our talents do not stop there. At about the same age, João also played the same game and like every child longed for the virtual coins. However, he devised a different strategy to attain them. He thought about bypassing habbo’s system and did so.

Many were the sleepless nights searching for the right code and learning how to input virtual coin purchase information as if he was actually buying them. Yes, he hacked Habbo´s system at just eight years of age. He not only did that but also created many other accounts detached from his own e-mail in order to transfer coins and  eternalize them in his main account.

That’s exactly what you are thinking: he devised a coin laundry system with Habbo´s virtual money! Fortunately nowadays he admits that he did not know what he was doing and realizes it was wrongdoing. (Phew!)

You realize that programming has no age, is it?We should consider that we are talking about the early ages of online gaming and because of that the market was still not that complex and very vulnerable. Security holes were easily found and there were even open hacking communities. Despite that, completing this task at the age of eight is not for many. We have the privilege of having these two geniuses on our team using their intellect to develop innovation and technologic solutions that only Zoox Smart Data can offer.

We asked them to leave a few tips for those wanting to start programing or for those that have already started, and Bia summarized it all into a mantra: “if it all seems wrong that is when you are on the right path because if all is well you are in your comfort zone, where nothing can be learned.

Mistakes cannot be perceived as failures but rather as learning experiences and possibilities for improvement” and João added “it is awesome to get an idea of yours out of the paper. And it is no shame to ask for help like  trying to find a solution on the internet because that is what everyone does!”.

It is never too late to start, let yourself be moved by your curiosity and the constant earning to get better, learn and overcome challenges. Programming has no age! The technological world is huge and filled with opportunities. This was just the beginning of our developer’s journey into the vastness of the IT world.