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Why Offer Free WiFi In Your Business

Why Offer Free WiFi in Your Business

Today the internet is essential to the customer experience, however, many businesses still do not know how to use the connection strategically. Is it worth to offer free WiFi?

Several business invest in the structure of a WiFi hotspot to offer free connection but do not know the advantages of having a good management of the internet.

Why Offer Free WiFi in Your Business

But, after all, what are the main advantages of offering an open and free connection to your business?

See why offer free WiFi in your business

Free WiFi

Attracts more customers

When it comes to having a meeting, do you prefer a coffee shop with fast internet or one without internet? And when travelling, do you think a hotel is better with an open connection, or one that charges the internet per hour or only makes it available in the hall of the hotel?

Customers increasingly seek out technology and connectivity, and this makes the internet a factor of attraction and important decision when comparing two commercial establishments, for example.

The connection also enhances the presence in social networks, since its clients can post photos of where they are, share their leisure activities and also make evaluations of the services in real time.

A common practice is to only release the WiFi through check-in of Facebook to increase its presence further in networks, in large circulation places it can mean hundreds of check-in a month, and impact for your brand.

WiFi for customers

Customers stay and consume more

According to Business Insider, 62% of customers spend more time in establishments that have a good connection.

This could mean more coffee served, an extra dessert or one more night at the hotel. That is, spending more time in your establishment, customers tend to consume more.

Are you afraid of attracting customers who go to your business exclusively to use the internet and will not consume anything? Rest assured, later on in the article we will tell you how to avoid this.

WiFi marketing

Improves the purchasing process

The internet helps in the purchasing process. Many customers use websites to access product information, online reviews, and price surveys, as well as seek recommendations from users who have visited that establishment, or have used that service, if they do not know it.

Having a connection available for them to do this real-time search increases the chances of conversion.

According to the Digital Influence Index study, 66% of consumers use the internet to make better purchasing decisions in the UK.

Because information is essential to the customer’s journey, any product or service can benefit from a good connection. Including yours.

Zoox Smart WiFi turns your Hotspot into a Marketing tool

One of our solutions is Zoox Smart WiFi, an innovative way to manage your connection and turn it into a data source and even revenue.

Our software improves the management of your WiFi, increases the possibilities of customization, speed, security and controls the time of use. You know that customer who’s just going to use the internet? It will never be a problem again.

The great differential of Zoox Smart WiFi is the marketing hotspot associated with Big Data.When the client authorizes the connection in your establishment we cross several different databases to draw a profile of the consumer.

You may have wondered, “Who uses my WiFi?” Right? Imagine if you knew the gender, age, email, phone and main interests of your customers? With Zoox Smart WiFi this is possible.

When it comes to Big Data, it is essential not only to collect data, but to enrich it. Data management is a global technology and marketing trend that offers increasingly customized consumer experiences. And it’s just the beginning. Are you on board?

You can do searches at points of sale in a simplified way. By monitoring the connected devices, you know exactly how long the customers stayed in the place, how often they go to the store and other possibilities, such as the consumption preferences of their target audience, to guide their purchasing dept., for example.

With greater control of the network, new business opportunities are generated, such as the possibility of selling advertising space in the user’s authentication stream. You have access to a whole universe of new methods to generate direct revenue.

Zoox Smart WiFi also ensures that your shared network is complying with current laws. 

To understand how we can help you innovate your customer experience and make efficient business decisions, contact our sales team to offer free WiFi.

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