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3 Ways To Innovate User Experience Using Data

3 ways to innovate user experience using data

Innovate user experience

See how data can be used to enhance and innovate user experience

The user experience (UX) is one of the most important characteristics of any product or service and is the guarantee that your consumer will be satisfied with what you deliver.

The Entrepreneur says that  “it’s the most important metric which is not being monitored by companies”.

Knowing the area´s importance, our team here in Zoox Smart Data has prepared this article talking about 3 ways to use data to innovate user experience.

Using data to hit the target

Those who work with digital products or channels know how customization is one of the keys to success.

According to Janrain, 74% of consumers get frustrated when they find deals, content, and sales that are not in their interests.

Offering exactly what your client is looking for in each step of the shopping experience is ideal. Marketing professionals that use custom digital experience report a 19% increase in sales.

And how is it possible to create these custom experiences? Data. Through simple applications (i.g. cookies), it is possible to customize the user’s journey, deliver relevant content and increase results.

Making strategic decisions

It is not only in the digital world that data is important: companies from all markets and segments can use data strategic strength.

In the U.S., four of the biggest retailers in the country are using data to transform the consumer experience.

A good example is Costco’s retail chain, that registers each purchased item by a client.

In 2014, the company had the need to make a recall on infected fruits and used the system to warn only those that had bought the infected batch.

With a more customized communication, the brand received positive feedbacks and avoided damage to the corporate image.

It is data that allows innovative marketing actions that captivate clients.
With the correct information, businesses became increasingly competitive and strategic.

Anticipating the client’s need

By analyzing big chunks of data, it’s possible to anticipate the client’s need and offer exactly what they want.

This technique is known as “predictive analysis” and, according to Forbes, a company was able to learn that a client was pregnant even before she could find out (!).

If your GPS gives suggestions about your destination, a music app recommends an album that you might like or an e-mail with a discount on those shoes you wanted so much, be sure that it´s data that makes it all possible.

Predicting client´s desire is a method to create strong experiences that dazzle the public, offering exactly what the consumer wishes, in times even before they know it themselves.

Data is within your reach

What if you could use data to make decisions for your business increasingly intelligent and efficient?

Here in Zoox Smart Data, we work with the most innovative data solutions in the market, transforming your WiFi in a true source of intelligence and competitiveness. Our technology is used by companies in different segment to innovate user experience.

Talk to one of our specialists and find out how you can charm your clients with an experience that understands, customizes and predicts consumer´s desires.

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