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The Importance Of Big Data To Business

The importance of Big Data to business


Big Data really became popular in the past years, the term popped up in 2005 to define the enormous amounts of data that started to be created through sensors, social media, and the internet´s diffusion.

Along with this phenomenon, companies started to look for other ways to use data in their business strategies.

Since Marketing managers and IT are held accountable for innovation and results, these executives are more responsible for finding a way to implement Big Data and meet internal demand.

Although important, only 20% to 50% of data generated are being analyzed by companies. This picture should change in the coming years since according to Adweek, 61% of CEOs showed interest in using data analysis.

The big CEO and Directors interest don’t come by chance, data analysis brings excellent results when applied. See some results that came up on surveys:

• As reported by Nektardata, decisions taken using data have a 79% success rate increase.

• Adweek says 71% of their segment company´s leaders stated that data are the most important tool to increase client´s experience.

• According to Forbes, 80% of executives claim that their investment in data showed results.

You can use Big Data to boost your results

Because it´s such a recent innovation, many companies and professionals have difficulties in applying Big Data because of its complexity.  How to make sense of all the gathered data?

When looking for a solution, 94% of U.S. companies enhance and access data using outsourced software that automatize part of the process and help to interpret the information.

With this purpose in mind we devolped Zoox Smart WiFi, our system transforms you wireless connection into a true source of value. Using it, your internet connection generates intelligence, which by its turn provides a better experience to the client and sales increase, not to mention customer retention. Now you see the importance of Big Data to your business?

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