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How To Use Data To Sell More

How to Use Data to Sell More

Knowledge is power, this classic phrase has more to do with the modern marketing than we can imagine. Learn how to use data to sell more.

Looking to make good market decisions, companies increasingly use data and information. This trend is so strong that between 2014 and 2016 a quantity of data was collected equal to 90% of all already collected in human history.

How to Use Data to Sell More

This real boom in the amount of information has spawned the phenomenon called Big Data,the term used to define the vast amount of data available in the world today.

The Big Data is usually set to 5 Vs. The basic 3 Vs talk about how the data is generated: Volume, Variety, and Velocity. To illustrate this concept, did you know that only Facebook generates half a million comments per second?

The other two Vs are more complex and important for business: Variability and Value. With a large amount of information, it is necessary to validate authenticity and generate value with this data.

From managing large corporations to managing traditional restaurants, hotels and retailers, data will become increasingly relevant as the challenge will be to extract the value of data, with the goal of reducing operating costs, reducing risk, and increasing the efficiency of enterprises.

How to use data to sell more

Data enrichment

It is not just the amount of information, the quality is the most important.

Isn’t it possible that your database is linked to your company’s core business? Isn’t a cold list for prospecting with the contact of a consumer you don’t know good for something?

That is why data enrichment is important, which is the process of selecting, refining and improving the raw information of companies. The database is an essential asset of each company, and it is the rich data that generates strategic decisions.

How to use Big Data in your business

How data helps sell more

With quality data you make the right decisions for your business and increase the number of sales, regardless of segment and product.

According to the Global Data Marketing Alliance, 90.7% of US companies maintain segmented information about customers to increase the effectiveness of marketing actions.

But how does the data help sell more in practice? How can information convert a greater number of prospects into sales?

To help you understand a little better how this happens, we have selected the strategic advantages of having quality data.

Sell when and where your customer wants

What if you discovered that 80% of your business sales are made over the phone at 3:00 p.m.? Or that 90% of emails that convert into sales are sent on commemorative dates? Or even: that the number of sales of your business came from one marketing action, not from another?

Knowing the exact the channel and the most efficient time to communicate with your consumer generates a greater number of results, and all this is only possible through the collection of information.

Big Data for business

Speed-up the sales process

Insights are valuable to speed up the sales process. According to Information Age, on average, a sales professional spends about two hours putting together a strategy before contacting the customer.

So in a week with 40 work hours and productive sales staff, how do you make those 2 hours more efficient?

Rich data generates insights that are valuable in speeding up the sales process, salespeople will  already have the customer’s profile and arguments before they even make contact with them.

Data management

Increase your analytical and forecasting power

What’s your number of sales per day? What other competitors do your customers visit? What do they look for in your company that is unique?

Understanding why your customer comes to you and what he expects of your business is a way to analyze and predict trends, so you are always ahead of the competition.

This is also a way to protect yourself and avoid mistakes before they become problems. If customers prefer the competitor’s product, you already know where you need to improve.

Sell more using data

Sell what your customers wants

With a good amount of rich data, you know important facts like: what products they most buy, recurrence, personal tastes, consumer data and other factors to create a consumer profile.

Have you thought about the increased profit of a hotel that knows the favorite beverages of each guest? Or a shoe brand that knows exactly how often a customer buys shoes?

Understanding your customer improves his consumption experience and your billing.

Customer Experience

Turn your WiFi into a rich data mine

Do you think all this is far from your reality? It’s actually closer than you think.

Using your company’s free WiFi hotspot, it’s possible to collect and access a large amount of data through WiFi marketing practices.

All this is done through our unique solution, the Zoox Smart WiFi, which transforms your connection into a strategic information sensor.

Our technology goes beyond the traditional Brazilian hotposts and helps you collect and cross data to profile your customer in seconds. Now that you know how to use data to sell more, talk to us!

Enrich your data

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