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How To Use Data To Reach Your Target Audience

How to use data to reach your target audience

How to use data to reach your target audience

The marketing sector is one of the most strategic in an organization. It is responsible for creating a connection between consumers and products, with each decision having a direct impact on revenues. For this reason, it is important to know how to use data to reach your target audience.

In the past, having information about what consumers want was a challenge for marketing professionals, who had more obstacles to make strategic decisions. Nowadays, data gathering is transforming the field.

Learn to use data to reach your target audience

Gathering user data

Advertisement exists to connect brands and people, creating awareness and consequently service and product sales. Some years ago, the biggest players in the market were after the best outdoors, bus doors, tv, and radio time slots. Today they are also competing for the best internet spaces.

Digital media has an enormous advantage over the traditional ones: they started to use data to reach their target audience. But how does this actually work? What kind of data is gathered and how are they using it?

For instance, data can be collected by means of browsers and social media. It is simple information like browsing history, shopping history, location, likes, and shares.

With this information at hand, marketing services are able to generate leads, “targeted ads”, that combine user interest with the product being offered. That is why when you type “glasses” on Google, advertisements appear to you from a number of sunglasses brands you have shown interested at some point in the past.

Smart advertisements are targeted

Data usage in advertising is a global trend. According to Magna Media, by 2020 it will be responsible for 50% of all advertisement investments.

The reason is easy to understand: targeted ads are extremely efficient. A payment company managed to increase sales done through ads in 100% and the conversion rate in 280% after adopting this technique.

Public receptiveness is responsible for the greater part of these results since 71% of consumers prefer targeted ads and 44% are willing to share personal information in case this helps to reduce irrelevant ads.

Zoox Smart WiFi

With this in mind, it is clear for the companies that this technology serves to create great results. User experience must be adequate and targeted ads is very important in this sense.

In Zoox Smart Data the service that guarantees this data collection in order to direct your company´s marketing strategies is Zoox Smart WiFi.

This solution makes WiFi infrastructure customized, intelligent, safe, also leaving space for new ways to advertise your brand, using Zoox Media. In other words, you are able to monetize your WiFi by selling media slots or offer deals during login.

Want to find out more about this solution and transform you WiFi infrastructure into a real intelligence and sales machine? Get more information about Zoox WiFi.

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