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How To Grow Your Career With The Company

How to grow your career with the company

How to grow your career with the company

That our team is sensational you should already know, right? It’s hard to choose which stories to tell first. But we decided to dedicate the second episode of Amazing Stories to tell the story of how our (currently) Project Manager, Daniel Sales, went through 4 positions and promotions over 4 years of career and dedication to Zoox Smart Data. Want to grow your career? So keep reading!

Despite a not so long trajectory, its growth was surprisingly fast, and it is about career growth that we are going to talk about today.

Get to know the amazing story of Daniel Sales, who went from Support to Project Manager in just 4 years!

How to grow your career with the company

It is not long in time, but it is extensive in ways. Daniel is 32 years old and started working at Zoox in 2014. He has been working with technology since 2006 and says with all his heart that IT was love at first sight, and in fact, it is an area that requires a lot of love, a taste for study and updating.

Daniel started at Zoox as technical support, where he spent just 4 months. Having already worked with this in other companies he was already familiar with the problems and frequent questions making him used to handling the clients very well.

At the same time, Zoox was undergoing a growth boom, which meant more clients and consequently greater demand for implantation. Consequently, Daniel could not get comfortable inside the support area because he was shortly deployed to implement in big hotel chains, which also lasted for a short while, only 6 months.

When Zoox expanded into the retail and transportation segments, there was a need to create a Customer Success area within the company responsible for the customers’ experience, and for ensuring that they were getting the best out of the platform.

Daniel, because of his experience in supporting and implementation, was the perfect candidate to start the CS sector. He already knew the specific need of each client and how to guide a personalized service ( which is our competitive edge, let´s agree to that!).

But nothing lasts forever, does it? Thank God for that! We have a highly creative team that does not let our product settle, always inventing and improving features.

With the company growing exponentially, there was a demand for someone to follow the creative process as a whole, from the conception to the finish line (the client). Due to his proximity to the product and his ease with customers, Daniel was the perfect candidate to be our Product Owner. And this seemed like the ideal job because he says Zoox´s products are his life´s passion! (Side note: We´re starting to get a bit snobbish over here, oh well,  sorry but not sorry.)

It gives a satisfaction, right? When you have a crazy idea and see it coming off the paper, and the customer likes your idea … It’s a very difficult satisfaction to describe“, says Daniel. He also states that his goal is to make customers see our products as a must-have.

Ok, no more buttering up to our products, let´s get back to Daniel’s story. You didn´t think it was over, did you? Well…it isn´t! The whole background of knowing the needs of the customers and being expert in the products was essential so that he could conquer his fifth (and current) position in the company: Project Manager.

Daniel today maintains his very close relationship to the product and remains both in activities and in contact with the customers, which are also his passion. Cute!

One thing is noticeable about Daniel’s trajectory: his great fuel is to work willingly, as well as being passionate about delivering what the customer wants. So some words of advice: Giving your best, finding new ways and bringing experiences from the outside is key to generate insights.

What Daniel does is observe day-to-day situations and think, “technology would greatly help this process,” and readily come up with good ideas that he is used to bringing to the lab. In other words, leave home with your senses sharpened to catch the clues that everyday life gives us because they are often the driver for incredible ideas and innovations.

Daniel´s main tip for those who want to grow up in any company (but, hello, Zoox People!), is to pay attention to customers. We make them the center of our processes and projects, and this is the key.