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How GDPR Will Change The Way You Think About Your Target

How GDPR will change the way you think about your target

How GDPR will change the way you think about your target

See how GDPR changes target public mapping, mail marketing campaigns and how it may even affect your ROI.

The international laws known as GDPR were implemented in May 2018 and are changing the way we handle data. Marketing, especially Digital, was one of the most affected areas by this change.

What is GDPR

GDPR stands for “general data protection regulation”, a package of laws implemented in May 25th, 2018 by the countries that belong to the European Union. In general terms, the regulation aims at protecting data privacy collected through digital means. This demanded a change in the market. Websites, products, and companies that harvest data nowadays need to improve user permission, document how the company is using data and report any kind of violation.

The change aims at prioritizing citizenship: the E.U. wants to protect its neighbors against the illegal use of data, holding the companies more accountable for their actions.

In Brazil, the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais, sanctioned in August 2018, was inspired by the GDPR and Brazilian companies have until February 2020 (when the law becomes effective) to comply.

The New Rights

Regardless of being a change made by the E.U.; it also affects Brazil. In case your company has data in Portugal, France, Spain, Germany or any other countries belonging to the European Union, it is required that you abide by their laws.

There are key points to remain working with data harvest without suffering any penalties:

  • It is necessary the user´s consent to make data accessible;
  • The user has the right to know which information is being collected and its purpose;
  • The user has to have the capacity to move this information to another system;
  • The user must have total freedom to delete all information;
  • In case there is any data violation, the user needs to be notified in up to 72h.

The impact of GDPR in Marketing

With the change in the law, GDPR hits mostly Digital Marketing and public mapping actions. Companies now need greater expertise in order not suffer penalties that would affect their campaigns´ ROI.

E-mail marketing campaigns are an example of this. Now, the consumer needs to be directly informed that his or her e-mail will be added to a mailing list the moment they are filling a form.

Data banks also changed. Collected information may only be stored enough time to reach a specific goal. Therefore, organizations need to establish in their user terms which is the usage period for the surrendered information.

Public mapping has suffered great modifications. With the bigger restriction over the information that can be collected and the requirement of direct user consent, even companies like google are mapping consumers in a non-personilized way..

Adding an e-mail you found online to your newsletter list? Storing consumer information forever? Mapping out the public in a personalized way without asking permission? GDPR changes it all. And this demands caution for those who work with harvesting and storing data.

Zoox Smart Data and compliance

The goal is that you manage to map out the public that accesses your network and obtain information which transforms their business experience with you. All of this without any law being disrespected.

Using the correct methods, it is possible to have marketing actions that utilize data in a strategic way as well as increase you ROI. Your WiFi infrastructure could be a true source of intelligence for your business.

Innovative solutions are aligned to Brazilian laws and compliance, meeting the standards by 2020. Consequently, you may think about your business strategy while we guarantee data legal security.

Want to find out more on how you can gather data and change user experience? Get a better look Zoox Smart WiFi.


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