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How Facial Recognition Helps Security

How facial recognition helps security

How facial recognition helps security

Among the technological advances we have followed in recent years, facial recognition is one of the innovations transforming the way many companies talk to their customers – a process to make environments safer and that also allows for understanding better the public. But how facial recognition helps security?

Creating Safe Environments

For a while, facial recognition was only seen in places like airports, nuclear power plants, and government buildings. Today, the private sector is already using this technology to facilitate security procedures.

The 2020 Olympic Games are an example: the event will use technology to identify more than 300,000 people who will participate in the games, including athletes, volunteers, journalists, and celebrities.

According to the head of security, Tsuyoshi Iwashita, “The technology will allow the identification of authorized persons without depending on the eyes of security guards.”. In other words, the possibility of human failure is reduced along with the need for hiring, as well as an increase in data collection accuracy.

In addition to physical environments, digital environments are also part of this technological evolution, which is a breakthrough for security. Banks such as HSBC, CaixaBank, and Seven use technology to verify the identity of internet banking users and prevent fraud. Of the three, CaixaBank has gone further and even allows withdrawals using facial recognition.

Facial recognition is advantageous for all

Facial recognition technology offers several advantages over traditional security methods. Among the main ones, we can list:

Greater assertiveness: Surveys demonstrate that there is a 1 in 50,000 chance of biometrics releasing wrong digital access, while smart cameras miss only 1 in 1,000,000.

Improved user experience: no one likes to go through security checks, isn´t that right? With facial recognition, user identification and access are done quickly and in real time, without the need to interact with security or place your finger on a biometric reader.

Easy to integrate and more economical: The technology can be integrated with several different security systems, making operation easier and cost-effective.

Automatic and independent: The technology works full time and does not require constant human intervention to work, ensuring that security is operating 24 hours a day.

It’s these advantages that make this technology so attractive to business: facial recognition can ensure a 24-hour safe environment without major investments together with fewer errors.

In addition to safety, facial recognition is also being used experimentally around the world. From verifying the presence of pupils in an educational establishment to being able to make payments through a selfie, new uses are springing up every day.

Case: Taylor Swift and Facial Recognition

Taylor Swift´s team during her show at the Rosen Bowl understood how facial recognition helps security. They used the technology to identify the fans who were present. Far beyond the acquisition of data for marketing strategy purposes – in which facial recognition can also help – the decision was based on security.

Like many celebrities, Taylor Swift has hundreds of stalkers, a term used to refer to someone who chases a person in an inopportune and sometimes unhealthy way. So her security team used facial recognition to cross the faces in the crowd with a database of dangerous people.

Although unusual, it is not the first time the solution is used to identify suspects hidden in crowds. In China, police were able to arrest a fugitive who was hiding in a concert with another 60,000 people, all thanks to technology.

One constant question: “How can I improve my client’s or my company’s security?

With all this information on how facial recognition helps security, you must be wondering how, in your company or your client’s company, facial recognition can be useful or even acquired.

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