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How Facial Recognition Is Changing Marketing

How facial recognition is changing marketing

How facial recognition is changing marketing

Ways to engage and retain clients. this is what companies are always obsessing over. And innovations like facial recognition augmented reality and smart data are changing the way marketing professionals work when dealing with the challenges of trying to find the best user experience. So let’s talk today about how facial recognition is changing marketing.

Have you thought about living in a world where commercials and services are completely aligned with your client´s expectations? New technologies are taking us there.

Understand how facial recognition is changing marketing

Marketing with emotion

Facial recognition is changing marketing doing much more than just capture somebody´s identity: through it is possible to detect facial expression and feelings. It seems amazing and it really is!

Emotional recognition is already being used by a number of companies. Disney, for example, uses infrared cameras to analyze the public during a screening.

Kellog´s uses similar technology. The create a variety of commercials from the same product and use smart cameras to analyze the reactions. After evaluating views and public response, they opt for the one with the best performance.

All of this revolutionizes the way traditional Marketing is being made until today: inaccurate data and non-specific surveys.

Case: Discover your Aloha

The Hawaiian government made and innovative action in this area. Alongside an advertising company, the tourism secretariat created a microsite that used facial recognition and drones to revolutionize user experience.

Upon accessing the website, the user was invited to watch a video with images taken from a drone revealing a new look over the Hawaiian beauties. In case of permission was given, a facial recognition software would be activated and monitored each reaction to the images presented in the video.

At the end of the process, the user discovered their spirit animal (a bird, a pig or an octopus, according to Hawaiian tradition) and was given a deal on a travel package.

The choice of a spirit guide and travel destination was made by an algorithm, that used the data from facial recognition to identify which places caused the most positive impression.

Using different technology to revolutionize user experience, the Hawaiian government showed great prowess for innovation!

User data and satisfaction guaranteed

While Digital Marketing may use data more easily, Traditional Marketing has difficulties to generate this information in physical spaces. Facial recognition is changing marketing using this technology to overcome this challenge.

Parco_ya, a downtown Japanese mall, is using this technology in more than 90 of their cameras to identify gender, age, and consumer movement. The information was shared with shopkeepers to enhance advertising and store positioning.

Luxury brands are on the same path. The chinese brand K11 uses facial recognition to observe consumer´s shopping patterns and offer the best shopping experience, completely customized.

User experience first

In the last years, user experience has been looking at with increased interest by Marketing departments. Providing an experience that overcomes all of the client´s expectations is a company´s greatest goal.

In hotel, airport and bus station operation, for instance, check-in has been a bottleneck to be tacked.  Queuing for long hours for security procedures is nobody´s expectation, especially in today´s busy world.

For this reason, companies like Delta Airlines and more than 50 chinese hotels are using facila recognition to speed up check-in. According to Forbes, technology reduces by a third the time spent on this procedure.

Smart check-in by facial recognition with Zoox Smart Pass

The ideal scenario is the optimization of user experience in your establishment added to data gathering to support you your marketing team.  This is possible by a simple dynamic check-in implementation by means of facial recognition.

The technology developed by Zoox Smart Data can provide just that. In addition to speeding up check-in, it collects data about your client, improving marketing action and providing customized user experiences in your establishment, always abbiding by the agreed privacy standards.

Be you establishment a hotel, an inn, an airport – or even an event – providing a fast check-in is a guarantee to go beyond a client´s expectation. And gathering data to enhance the client´s next experience improves your marketing team´s work.

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