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Everything About Facial Recognition

Everything about facial recognition

everything about facial recognition

After years of studies and thousands of researchers involved, facial recognition technology has finally arrived in its advanced stage, in which it could be used for a number of corporate activities. Check out our guide and learn everything about facial recognition!

If in the past using your face to open a door was something worthy of science fiction, today it is a reality in many countries. Technology that was used only by public agencies, today it is present in hotels, inns, stores, and companies.

Facial recognition is a great business, with the market forecast saying it will reach US$ 23 billion in 2019. Amazon, Google, and Apple are three giants that today invest in solutions that use this technology.

Around the world, it is already being used for a number of objectives: from identifying criminals up to verifying student´s attendance in school.

Places that receive a big crowd, like hotels, inns or mass-circulation retail stores, facial recognition helps to improve speed, safety and user experience. In the hospitality sector, for instance, check-in time could be reduced to 2 minutes.

In case you want to learn everything about facial recognition to understand how this technology is changing the market and why the biggest companies in the world are investing on it, we have developed a completely free guide:

Download our Guide to Facial Recognition in Practice

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