Zoox takes Facial Recognition for the first time to the road sector

transporte público

System allows faster and safer boarding. In partnership with WeMobi, a new bus travel platform offers a 100% digital experience.


Digital Transformation reached the road sector. For WeMobi, a company with the challenge of offering low-cost bus tickets, Zoox contributed to bringing a 100% digital process. The company implemented authentication and facial recognition technology for check-in, done via tablet when boarding.




“The solution that we have already successfully applied in hotels, we now take to the transportation sector in the WeMobi bus fleet. The objective is to simplify the processes for the passenger, bringing comfort and safety, since with a 100% digital operation there is a reduction in the need for physical contact and papers “, explains Rafael de Albuquerque, founder, and CEO of Zoox.


Zoox Pass, a technology cited by Albuquerque, is a Zoox technology that stands out in the hotel market. Once the guest registers the facial biometrics in the system, he is automatically identified in any establishment with the Zoox Pass.




The Zoox Pass uses facial recognition features from Amazon Rekognition. Without the need to install any applications, the entire process takes place digitally.


“We are modern, innovative, flexible, simple and 100% digital. A Brazilian company that is born with the DNA” low cost, low fare “, and arrives to build a new experience of connected mobility for people. In addition, WeMobi operates on regular lines, within the law, and security is a non-negotiable value. “, explains Rodrigo Trevizan, executive director of e-bus and Head of WeMobi.


The startup is part of the JCA Group’s e-bus, digital business and innovation unit – which includes big names in the road sector such as Viações Cometa, 1001 and Catarinense.


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