Zoox News: New Site is online!


We are happy to announce our new website! 


Completely redesigned, the new Zoox website features a design focused on ensuring better navigability and dynamism, as well as being clearer about the company’s new positioning. Check out the news of the new portal:


We, Zoox


The old site did not contain a page that positioned us the way we want to be seen in the future. It lacked an identity of its own, bringing our values ​​and principles. Through the new portal, we were able to highlight how we want to be seen in the market.




We now have an exclusive page for those interested in being our partner. Telecommunications companies and technology resellers can count on our services to enrich their value propositions.




Our blog is also looking brand new, with more intuitive navigation and exclusive content, such as our newsletter “Inside Zoox”, a biweekly digital magazine with the content we produce. Sign up!




Important news for those interested in being a Zooxer! We are always open to the different. We seek to assemble multidisciplinary and innovative teams capable of bringing our projects to maximum power. On the new page, you can check open positions, and you can leave your resume with our HR.


Zoox’s marketing team talked a little bit about how the new site will help the company reach new levels:


“The content we were producing was no longer in dialogue with the previous site, which was very focused on WiFi. Now we seek to convey more clearly that, in reality, we are a company that interprets physical spaces through Big Data. For this, we use different data capture technologies, such as WiFi, facial recognition, advertising. It is a larger site that more clearly conveys the thousands of applications of our service, and draws the company’s next steps in the marketplace. ”, said Guilherme Cruz, from the marketing team.


Rafaela Duboc, responsible for the company’s UX, points out that the old site was cold and unidentified, not conveying our values ​​properly. She pointed out: “The site brings a new look at us. It goes beyond what we do and sell: it’s about who we are and what we believe as a company. In addition, it comes with a strategy of bringing in new content that forms the company’s authority in the business. ”


Carla Lima, our marketing manager, when talking about the strategy, says: “With the new website, we put into practice the best Content Marketing methodology. When drawing the visitors’ journeys on our site, we noticed key conversion points where we put forms and CTAs. This way, in addition to presenting the company and the products, the site becomes a fundamental part of the company’s entire sales machine. ”