Zoox News: New Design, New Positioning!


At Zoox, we believe in the spirit of innovation. Our mission is to help our clients with an innovative solution. Every year, we strive to improve our offerings. So, this year is no different. We are happy to announce our new website! 

The new Zoox website features a design focused on ensuring better navigability and provides clarity about our company’s new positioning.


We, Zoox


The old site did not express our identity very well. With the new site, we are able to highlight how we want to be viewed in the industry.




We now have an exclusive page for those interested in being our partner. Telecom companies and technology resellers can count on our services to enrich their value propositions.




Our blog looks new with better navigation and exclusive content, such as “Inside Zoox”, a biweekly digital magazine. Sign up!




Are you interested in joining the Zoox team? We seek to assemble innovative teams capable of bringing the maximum to our projects.

On our Careers page, you can find open positions in Brazil and leave your resume with our human resources team. For career opportunities in other countries, you can refer to our LinkedIn jobs page

One recent example is the U.S. market. As we expand in the United States, we hired native employees to achieve optimal growth. This year, we hired a marketing analyst and a sales development representative.


Our Final Words


In conclusion, we are an international company and have offices in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Lisbon. As a result, we speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can view our website in your preferred language by clicking on the globe icon in the top right corner.

As big data becomes more popular, we will offer smart data products. We have Zoox Smart WiFi, Zoox Media, and Zoox Smart Pass.

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