Zoox firms new partnership with Aruba and Ruckus Networks


As reported by InforChannel, Zoox has partnered with Aruba and Ruckus Networks to offer integrated Wi-Fi on their platforms.


“We are very happy to announce this partnership with Aruba and Ruckus Networks, two of the main players in the network infrastructure market. With this work together, we will deliver to the client, in a single license, the complete connection infrastructure: hardware, with the platforms and routers from Aruba and Ruckus Networks, and software with the Wi-Fi network from Zoox. The scheme will be similar to buying a Smart TV and having installed the main video streaming applications on the device, for example. Thus, we bring ease and speed of installation to the customer ”, explains Rafael de Albuquerque, founder, and CEO of Zoox.


The partnership has already started with Ruckus Networks in June, and now in July Aruba’s platforms will also have Zoox Wi-Fi.


“Before, when purchasing the network hardware, the customer needed to fully configure it and look for a supplier of Wi-Fi management platform for his establishment. With this project, even an inexperienced user will be able, in a few clicks, to configure their Wi-Fi network and have all the benefits of the Zoox WiFi platform, thanks to automation created so that in a single acquisition the user already has hardware + platform ” explains Albuquerque.




When acquiring an access point from Ruckus Networks or Aruba, the user will have a “wizard” option for automatic configuration, that is, in a few clicks, he will be able to configure the wireless network completely, which was previously done manually and required a certain level of knowledge technician.


In addition, when finalizing the configuration, the access point will automatically communicate with the Zoox Wi-Fi platform, through integration, in a simple and fast way.


The Zoox Wi-Fi network, in addition to offering network management, brings the Zoox Data Lake differential, an extensive database, regulated in accordance with the LGPD and Marco Cívil, with data captured in a user-consent manner. log in to the network. This information base allows the company’s customer, through data enrichment and analysis, to get to know its consumer better. In this way, Zoox delivers data intelligence for business strategy.

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