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The future of technology is total connectivity. More and more, objects are connected to the internet, which has led to the “Internet of things” (IoT), a term used to define this unified system of machines, computers and objects that transfer information with each other. In this context, there is the WiFi Marketing solution.


Hubspot forecasts that by 2020, 95% of electronics will be connected to the internet.


The world is still taking its first steps in this direction. Even in countries of advanced technology, the first home appliances with Internet systems, smart cities, transports that use artificial intelligence and fully connected retails are still emerging.


Within this scenario, the most connected companies and professionals will stay ahead of the competitionZoox Smart Data offers this increased competitiveness with the most cutting-edge solutions on the market.

Learn more about WiFi Marketing


Zoox Smart WiFi is such an innovative solution that needs a brief introduction. It is common to think that it is only a system designed to manage the network efficiently. It is true that Zoox Smart WiFi improves the security and speed of the connection, but it goes beyond that.


Have you ever wondered if you knew the contact information andspending habits of your customers the moment they entered your store for the first time?


This is Zoox’s WiFi Marketing concept, which crosses public data available on online storage networks and instantly draws a complete profile of its consumers.


More than a network manager, it enables you to turn your free WiFi into a true data source that will increase intelligence, competitiveness, efficiency and the best of all: the billing of your business.


According to Adweek, 61% of CEOs will increase investment in data over the next 3 years. And 71% of managers consider data important to the customer experience. Since WiFi marketing is new, we’ve written an article you can access by clicking here, where we talk about how the data helps sell more.


Smart data is the future of business, and knowing your customer is more important than ever. Satisfaction surveys, e-mail marketing campaigns, experiences with the end consumer, and real-time data on sales results are all in an endless transformation.


Zoox Smart WiFi brings you closer to the future. Get in touch with our team and discover our WiFi Marketing solution:


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