Smart Wi-Fi

Much more than connectivity: meet and talk to your customers via Wi-Fi.

About Zoox Wi-Fi

This is the technology that, in addition to allowing access to the Wi-Fi network, collects, organizes, qualifies and extracts data from your customers in a consensual way and generates unique insights for your business.

Real Time Interaction

With each access, new information and more added value to the business. Profile search, deterministic audience data, real-time geolocation targeting and different touchpoints.

Mobile Experience

Consolidated dashboard, white label; splash customization; image and video dissemination; Amazon hosting; integration with APIs; Flow analysis; Big Data with customer data and more.

Wi-Fi Monetization

Monetize your platform with space to run campaigns. Possibilities for those who are already Zoox customers, and for those who want to advertise for our inventory and connect with new and current customers.

The SMART that data intelligence was looking for

Customized to match your brand’s face. Watch the video and learn more about Zoox Wi-Fi.

Much more than Wi-Fi

What we offer

There are more than 20 million global connections per month in real time. Zoox Smart Wi-Fi generates strategic and competitive value for your company while making your customer journey more agile and comfortable.

Value data

Generate business-relevant information with customizable graphics, statistics and data, plus an interface with Zoox Big Data. Search profiles with refined filters based on user demographics and preferences.

Custom Campaigns
and Surveys

Run campaigns in different formats (images, videos, SMS and email marketing) with segmentation by interest and geolocation, in addition to programmatic media available. Satisfaction surveys (NPS) with ratings and comments on services.

Integration and Security

Technology with API integration, and secure and automatic user authentication via social network, form, SMS and voucher.

Data Protection

Area dedicated to Privacy and Compliance with DPO, international certifications, respecting the LGPD, logs according to Marco Civil and AWS/Amazon cloud – ISO27018 certification.

Wi-Fi Analytics

Remotely monitor the Wi-Fi signal quality in each room or area of the hotel. This additional feature of Zoox Wi-Fi makes the guest experience flawless and reduces the cost of on-time maintenance.


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