UX and CX are the most strategic post-pandemic objectives


Improving Customer Experience and User Experience are the most important business objectives for brands in the next 12 months, as indicated by a Euromonitor International survey released at the beginning of the second half of 2020.


The survey asked brands which technologies had impacted their business in the past 12 months and which would likely be present in the next five years.




Big data and analytics had the highest score among the 11 options for brands to select, both in terms of past impact and the greatest likelihood of affecting business between now and 2025.


Artificial intelligence saw the biggest increase and the adoption of services related to augmented / virtual reality pushed technology to the three main strategic developments expected for the next five years.


Biometrics, blockchain, and autonomous vehicles are the three technologies mentioned that should have the least impact on brands in the future.




Addressing travel companies specifically, the survey points to shorter trips as a trend, with a primary focus on properties surrounded by nature.


The survey also found that supporting local businesses and staying in eco-friendly accommodations were the most common consumer actions when considering sustainability as part of their travel plans.


A quarter of respondents would opt for green transport and just over 20% would choose direct flights to minimize carbon production.


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