Tools we LOVE for Remote Management


The best way to ensure remote management efficiently is by using the right tools. They are precisely designed to enable remote processes and intended to be as intuitive as possible. After the initial adaptation process, they become fundamental to aid the flow of work.

Check out some tools to meet every need of remote working!




  1. Zoom


Zoom is a great tool for remote teams’ communication. It can be used for free. His only requirement is the need for APP installation. Once installed, it is easy to add invitations to calendars, split screens, create rooms automatically save to the cloud and manage a large number of participants in rooms.


  1. Skype for Business


Skype is a robust, world-renowned tool. It comes installed on most Microsoft computers, facilitating the lives of some teams. On the other hand, those who use Mac may encounter problems.


  1. Google Hangouts


The Hangout is a great tool, does not require installation, and is free. However, Zoom also has more elaborate features.


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  1. Slack


Slack is the best tool when it comes to instant messaging and integration with other programs. Since it is adapted to its use, it is hard to want another tool.


  1. Trello


Trello uses lists and cards digitally to bring visibility and intuitiveness monitoring tasks. When used as Kanban, it may be the most intuitive option for teams, with varieties of colors, stickers, and lists.




  1. Dropbox


The great Dropbox differential is the upload speed, but your backups and the ability to share files easily also make it the preferred option for sharing files.


  1. Microsoft Teams


Although paid, Teams is one of the options most used by companies around the world. Being web-based, it can also be used by Macs.


  1. Google Photos


Photos is the most common and effective application in photo sharing. It can be a key tool for teams that need to exchange high-resolution images and large files quickly.


  1. WeTransfer


WeTransfer is very intuitive and easy, but the files are only staying temporarily, making the long-term records.




  1. Invision


Invision helps teams to develop loyal and nice graphics. It also creates prototypes / MVPs in a few hours, can use them directly on mobile devices – no need to mess with codes!


  1. Figma


Figma is one of the best options for creating mockups, wireframes, and rapid prototyping.


  1. Google Forms


Google Forms is fast, free, and does not require any type of installation to be used. Send questions or theories for large groups of people and (in) validate their hypothesis quickly.


  1. SurveyMonkey


The paid version of SurveyMonkey is the best friend of those who need to create quantitative research often and flexibility.


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