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About o Zoox Media

Programmatic Media Software linked to Zoox Smart Wi-Fi technology both to enhance your customer’s experience and engagement with personalized communications.

There are opportunities for existing Zoox customers to increase conversion efficiency by exploring the campaign space on their platform, and also for those who want to advertise using our channels to connect with new and existing customers.

more conversion efficiency in pos

360º user analysis

deterministic audience data

real-time geolocation targeting

zero party data

own database with daily update

What we offer

Zoox Smart Wi-Fi clients boost their platform with Zoox Media technology, integrating the physical and digital experiences in a personalized and intelligent way.

Have your own daily-updated database, 360-degree user analysis, deterministic audience data, real-time geolocation targeting, and more.

Big brands also have the possibility to connect with their audience using Zoox Media, generating value right at the point of sale.

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