Smart parking: what Big Data brings as a solution to cities


31 minutes. This is the average time to find a parking space in shopping malls in the city of São Paulo, according to studies. And the situation is no different in public parking lots. According to specialists, the number of vehicles increases faster than the number of jobs. According to IBGE data, parking inflation was a record last year: it reached 18.58% in Belo Horizonte and 14.48% in Rio.

The Internet of Things may be reaching a solution. Smart Parking is a real-time parking management solution that collects performance indicators and translates them into knowledge for better policy and optimized management.

Knud Lasse Lueth, managing director of IoT Analytics, comments on the Smart Parking solution:


“Parking is an area where IoT (Internet of Things) sensor technology is making a tremendous difference – both for user experience and for parking management as well as surveillance.”


Knud also mentions cities – New York, San Francisco, London, and Berlin – that intelligent parking solutions are already being deployed and are already delivering significant results. According to IoT Analytics data, 11% of public parking spaces worldwide (on the street and private) are now smart, and that number is expected to increase to 16% by 2023.


How does Smart Parking work?


As soon as a driver signals that he wants to park, a platform signals to the smart spot, the core of all smart parking activity. The data is collected by the sensor, which provides real-time information about the state of the parking place – free or busy. The parking meter and the App send data related to the payment or license that authorizes parking.

The central server receives all the data detected in the input phase through a radio communication network and guarantees total security in data storage. Then the management software processes the received data and makes it available over the various terminals for use and consultation by the managers.

Intelligent parking technology allows parking operators to remotely monitor parking occupancy in real time. There are several intelligent parking steps that form a complete end-to-end solution, including vehicle detection sensors, cameras with automated recognition capabilities, and intelligent parking payment.


Benefits of Smart Parking


This solution brings improvements for both the population and the city. For example, reducing congestion, increasing efficiency in job search, a better understanding of driver behavior patterns – which helps urban planners optimize the flow of cars and build more efficient parking lots. In addition to these upgrades, a major gain, if not more, is data capture.


Smart Parking applications and cases


1- University of British Columbia – Canada

The Canadian university uses intelligent parking solutions in partnership with Eleven-x, a company that works with IoT technology, which includes wireless parking sensors, secure network connectivity and data capture that enables real-time monitoring to provide information on all accessible parking spaces on campus.


2- Automated Smart Parking

In the American state of Colorado, the company ParkPlus is developing a smart parking technology integrated with automation. The company’s automated parking system uses lasers to scan cars and a robotic valet to park the vehicles. The vehicles are transported by the robot, which moves them to storage racks. Using this system, up to 4 times more cars can be parked in the same amount of space as a traditional garage.


3- Big Data Generation

It is already clear that intelligent parking solutions make people’s lives easier and agile, but the value of this technology goes further. According to IoT Analytics:


“The true innovation of smart parking solutions is beyond the obvious. The real value is in the data generated that when combined with data, processes, and systems of other stakeholders – merchants, municipal agencies, delivery companies – generate real innovations in smart city environments.”


In this way, the data generated by smart parking means capital for the company and its trading partners, who can use them to fuel a cycle in which the company, partners, and population win.