Get to know people who use your space better
through WiFi and run campaigns based on
behavioral data.

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All network activities generate data that can be very useful for improving service.
Zoox WiFi collects, organizes, and extracts insights from this data, helping to make strategic decisions.

Collect user data from your WiFi and consult it on a simple and intuitive platform.

Display campaigns and satisfaction surveys for targeted audiences.

Make decisions and create strategies based on data and rich reports.

Capture Leads through WIFI

By logging into Zoox Smart Wifi, the user accepts the terms of use and provides data to log in.

At this time,  a profile is created in our database, which is connected to the Zoox system worldwide. Thousands of hotspots around the world enrich the user’s profile with each new login,creating an increasingly complete profile.
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All Zoox Smart WiFi information is available in a unique dashboard, tailored to work with maximum comfort and ease.

This data can be used to create specific campaigns such as satisfaction surveys, email marketing, offers, announcements, and feedback.
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With the Zoox Media feature, advertisements produced from the user profile data can be displayed.

In this way, WiFi becomes a source of revenue with high conversion rates.

In the dashboard, clicks and sales reports make visibility easier and help optimize campaigns.
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A complete Big Data Platform for Physical Business.

We uncomplicated the development of data-oriented strategies in physical environments.

Customized Dashboard

Demonstration of relevant business information with visualization of customizable charts, statistics, and data

Person Finder

Search for profiles by name, age, zip code or user preferences.

Zoox Media

Serving media and/or email marketing campaigns targeting audience, interests, or geolocation.

Net Promoter Score

Satisfaction survey system in which the user can give grades from 0 to 10 and comments on the services provided.


Heatmap and movement flow for visibility of areas where there is a higher concentration of connections.

Interactive reports

Export reports with the number of online users, visitors, NPS campaign analysis, charts and more

Our clients

More than 4,000 satisfied customers and 20,000 active connection points. A loyalty rate above 98% and presence in 6 countries.

Como a maior rede hoteleira da América do Sul gerou receita e Big Data pelo WiFi

Presente em 40 cidades brasileiras, a Atlantica Hotels utiliza o WiFi para entender o comportamento de hóspedes e veicular mídias.

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