Terms of use privacy policy

We protect your data and respect privacy, always

We work with a high standard technology in the protection and treatment of your data. All because we want to guarantee:

data confidentiality: data are only accessible to authorized people

data integrity: information is always worked within the preservation of veracity, accuracy and completeness, without unauthorized changes

data availability: data are accessible and usable on demand

These measures are present from the Zoox product creation phase until we deliver it to you

We apply:

security techniques measures: in the systems and in the tools that we use

security administratives measures: such as internal policies, rules and procedures, training the employees and creating awareness, among others.

Terms of use privacy policy

Find out what data is collected while you browse our website and how it is treated.

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Person in charge of data processing
Pedro Nunes - Zoox DPO - dpo@zooxsmart.com