Through Zoox Eye tool, multidisciplinary Zoox teams transform your data into business opportunities. We help your company with its data transformation (Data Driven) challenges and execution – not only in the technical and operational aspect, but also strategic.


Get consumption insights and communication opportunities with your audience, map chances of improvement, your market, trends and clients’ demands through a customized dashboard


Structuring. hygienization and qualification of the base, ingesting customer data on the platform, setting up points of interest and more.


Opportunities and strategic zones mapping, predictive model construction, scores, market intelligence and pricing.


24/7 management, integration with the company 's login system, security monitoring of invasion attempts, and more.


Data is updated periodically, there is guarantee of the functions and integrations with databases and also available support Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm.


Yes, and we have already put in place a Privacy Governance Program based in RGPD and other applicable laws. On the Privacy tab, there are more details regarding our technical and managerial security measures, and also the DPOs (Data Protection Officers) contacts.
There is no need. We have an ELT process (Extract, Load, Transform) that access the data straight from your databank, realizes the needed transformation, conjugates it with other variables and returns the information directly to the Zoox Eye front end, without any kind of recording in our database. When we need to store the client’s database in the Zoox Cloud environment, the data is never incorporated into our Data Lake, it stays in a bucket dedicated to the client.
Zoox is not a data bureau. We prefer to position ourselves as a “hub” capable of connecting your company and several databases according to the needs of your business.
No, Zoox Wi-Fi and Zoox Eye databases are completely distinct.
Zoox has a specialized team to do these researches and numerous database partners. Since we are a large hub of clients and data, we’ve got tremendous potential of connexions to negotiate information on a large scale. We can even extract data from segmented research made by Zoox clientbase.