The Innovative Solution to Bring Wi-Fi and Marketing Together

Wi-Fi and Marleting

The future of technology is a fully connected world. 

Every year, more items are connecting to the internet like vehicles and homes. This trend has unified computers and machines to share information with each other.

HubSpot predicts that 95% of electronics will be connected to the internet in 2020. In this rapidly growing society, the most connected companies will stay ahead of the competition. 

Many companies are already using online marketing to be more in places to reach their target audience. Some companies advertise on Facebook and LinkedIn. Some companies advertise on Outbrain and Taboola.

While they offer a great opportunity to reach a huge audience, companies hope that they can assist them in their sales efforts. 

Unfortunately, many companies overlook an opportunity to improve in understanding their customers. Do you offer Wi-Fi to your customers? Every year, more businesses are doing it to encourage people to visit their business. 

If you offer Wi-Fi to your customers, why not show an offer during their internet session on your network? This is how we bring Wi-Fi and marketing together! 


Wi-Fi Marketing 101


Have you ever wondered if you truly knew the spending habits of your repeat customers? Have you ever wondered how you could predict the spending habits of your newer customers?

According to Adweek, 61% of CEOs expect data analytics to be the greatest investment in the next 3 years. Smart data is the future of business and knowing about your customer is more important than ever.  

You can turn your free Wi-Fi into a data source that will increase intelligence and the lifetime value of your customers. 

We, at Zoox, can access public data available on online storage networks and form a complete customer profile. We also improve the security and speed of your Wi-Fi connection. If you are ready to add innovation to your business, take a moment to discover our Zoox Smart Wi-Fi solution.

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