How to use Data-Driven Personalization to enrich your services

Data-Driven Personalization

Service customization through Big Data continues to grow as an important strategy for companies. In competitive markets, personalization is one of the main ways to deliver the most enchanting customer experiences.


In a report released by Salesforce, 4100 Marketing leaders from different countries were asked about their role in strengthening Data-Driven Personalization in the services of their companies. Interestingly, it was noticed that the companies’ Marketing sectors are the “glue” that allows companies to offer personalized end-to-end experiences with Big Data.


What is Data-Driven Personalization?


Data-Driven Personalization is the compilation of data about the customer for the provision of customizable services. Its main objective is to deliver a better Customer Experience.


In a recent report by Certain, companies saw a 10 to 20% increase in ROI after using data-based strategies. This happens for a simple reason: when using data to personalize the customer experience, it is possible to find the greatest differential of a service: humanized treatment.


In the purchase process, several points can make the customer give up the business. In the Salesforce report, 84% of consumers say that being treated as a person, not a number, is critical to purchasing a service. 52% say they will change if the experience is not personalized.


The role of Marketing in the Data-Driven Culture


Marketers are driving this change. The report shows that 55% now collaborate directly with service teams, while the proportion that shares goals with sales colleagues has jumped 87% in a single year.


The average number of data sources used by marketers is now 15. This is a 25% jump per year. New technologies generating new data and creating an increasingly complex nutrition ecosystem.


“For marketing leaders, the most important question is: How connected are you to your customer – and how connected are they to you?”
Forbes Insights (The Path to Personalization)


The Obstacles of Data-Driven Personalization


While personalization promises a bright future, research reveals that companies still find it difficult to interact with customers more intimately – for many, this need is only emerging now.


In a Forbes survey, 46% of marketing executives say they are not satisfied with the current stage of customization. But where is the problem?


One of the main obstacles is to track ROI (Return on Investment) on specific channels. Generally, executives still do not know which channel delivers the best ROI. 72% of the executives interviewed report that they cannot or have difficulty measuring the ROI of personalization in customer service, and 67% have difficulty understanding the website.


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Hyperautomation and Machine Learning: the technology solution


1 in 4 companies admits to implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to personalize the interaction with customers at scale.


These technologies are the ones that most promise to transform personalization initiatives, providing intelligence to e-commerce sites, services, and processes. They can constantly adapt to customer profiles.


But that is not all. It is extremely important that you remain human in the process. A humanized and personal approach remains more effective than the most sophisticated automated experience. If employees are equipped with the most valuable information about the customer, the time of sale will be very close.


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