How to monetize your WiFi


Providing WiFi for customers is a service that translates into convenience. According to Business Insider, 62% of customers spend more time in establishments that have a good connection. However, it is possible to go further: WiFi can be an important source of revenue for establishments.


Free WiFi to know the Consumer Experience


Through the provision of a free WiFi network, it becomes possible to know the consumer profile of each consumer. This occurs in the process of registering the user to use the WiFi. To connect to the service, you need an email login or social network. At this point, the user provides their data, which will be stored and made available on a platform.

During user navigation, new information can be requested through surveys and forms. That way you can understand them, understand their interests and desires, and create targeted deals with great conversion rates.

Another possibility is the creation of heat maps of connections, which helps to understand the flows, which places need to be valued, which ones are more comfortable, etc. From this, several insights can help in improving the consumer experience.

Research on Big Data around the world suggests that 90% of the data collected is not usually used, for several reasons. When Big Data is monetized or brings insights, it’s called Smart Data. It is of the utmost importance, however, to abide by the guidelines of the General Data Privacy Act.


WiFi for the customer, benefit for the establishment


The Zoox Smart WiFi, in addition to providing the WiFi connection, can also be used to tighten the relationship with customers. With the geolocation service, the owner of the establishment can understand the flow of users as soon as they enter the environment. In addition, you can serve satisfaction surveys (meet the Net Promoter Score) to raise insights for improvements. The possibilities of applying the services are configurable according to the order the company deems necessary and can be done as follows:


WiFi as a Media Space for Targeted Campaigns


With the Zoox Smart WiFi Media feature, the store can sell ad space with ultra-segmentation. The WiFi network is no longer a cost, it increases the possibilities of customization, conversion, and security, becoming an important source of resources.

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