How Can You Monetize Your WiFi?


More customers are enjoying the benefit of free WiFi at restaurants, bookstores, and other businesses. Free WiFi is slowly becoming a customer expectation.

According to Business Insider, 62% of customers spend more time at businesses that have free WiFi. This is a growing expectation that presents an opportunity for businesses to monetize their WiFi. 


Free WiFi to Know the Consumer Experience


With a free WiFi network, it becomes possible to know the profile of each consumer. The process starts with the user to register to use the WiFi. Users also may log in through a social media account or existing email account. The user provides their data, which is stored on a platform.

During user navigation, surveys and forms can extract new information. This information will help you understand their interests and desires, and create targeted deals with great conversion rates.

Another possibility is the creation of heat maps. This creation can improve the understanding of your connections’ behavior. As a result, these insights can help in improving the consumer experience.

Globally, big data research suggests that 90% of the collected data is not commonly used for several reasons.

This is big data without insights, but the insights enhance the data. This enhancement transforms it into smart data. Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance to abide by the guidelines of the General Data Privacy Act.


WiFi for the Customer, Benefit for the Business


There is one application that can improve customer relationships. It is Zoox Media! With our geographical location service, the business owner can understand the flow of users as soon as they enter the environment. In addition, you can serve satisfaction surveys to obtain insights for improvements.

With Zoox Media, the store can sell ad space with specific segmentation. Now, the WiFi network is no longer a cost! It is an investment opportunity to monetize WiFi.


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