Guest Control: Manage customer requests in real-time


In July 2020, Zoox Wi-Fi started to feature the Guest Control feature, a tool that has attracted the attention of customers. Without having to install anything, the customer now has access to fully digitized processes, providing more agility, comfort, and security.


If you are looking to optimize the customer experience, Guest Control may be the ideal solution for you.


Guest Control: No friction and much more agile


Guest Control is a guest and request management feature for hotels, restaurants, airports, and other segments. Without having to install any applications, Guest Control works integrated with the environment’s Wi-Fi network and can be accessed by QR Code or link.


Through it, the customer can request or schedule Room Service, Amenities, Maintenance, Services, Contacts, and Concierge.

Room Service: The customer can schedule or request menus and other services offered by the establishment.


Amenities: Much more agility to ask for pillows, towels, shampoos, and other amenities.


Maintenance: Has the air conditioner broken? Does the tap not work? All requests can be made online by Guest Control. The establishment receives an immediate signal.



Services: The establishment registers the services offered and the guest can book via mobile or desktop, without installing anything.


Contact: Didn’t find what you needed? The customer can get in touch to give feedback or report problems.




Concierge: This section provides a list of sights, restaurants, shopping malls, and tour options for tourists.


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Broad, real-time and intuitive vision for admin




The Business Administrator has real-time access to all customer requests and information. It has a wide view of which rooms, tables, or booths are occupied and receives updates on requests and comments.


This tool is added to the others of Smart Wi-Fi to offer new forms of comfort and communication to managers and customers. In addition to it, Smart Wi-Fi also has Net Promoter Score, Media, Heatmaps, Person Finder, and much more.




Zoox Wi-Fi goes beyond a system designed to offer Wi-Fi. It is an integrated Wi-Fi and Big Data platform that contains all the tools necessary to bring growth to the business. Want to know more? Request a demonstration by clicking here or be answered immediately by phone:


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