“Dados do bem”: non-profit app uses Analytics to combat covid-19


Zoox uses Machine Learning and Analytics to understand the spread of the disease in a non-profit partnership with Instituto D’or.


In March 2020, due to the increased number of coronavirus cases and the global spread of the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially decreed a pandemic state.


Each country reacted differently and after a few weeks it was possible to distinguish who did the best approach. Inspired by what was done in South Korea, which had the best reaction to the pandemic, Zoox used Machine Learning and Big Data to contain the spread of viruses, in a non-profit partnership.




The application “Dados do Bem” (Good Data) was developed with the intention of providing a self-assessment for the patient and informing if there is a need to go to a care facility. Upon entering the application, the patient finds a menu with three options:


  1. Self-assessment:


The user answers a series of questions and receives an immediate result, which can be “Suspect without seriousness”, “Alert of seriousness” or “Not Suspected”.


In cases of “Suspect without seriousness”, the application schedules an appointment at the nearest health unit, generating a QR Code to be displayed at the time of service. In case of “Severity Alert”, the user is urgently referred to a health unit.


  1. Covid-19 around you


Zoox’s Machine Learning analyzes millions of data in real time to create a sophisticated smart map of covid-19 cases nearby. The Geolocation tool also allows the sending of communications segmented by location, gender or age.


The geolocation data generates information for health institutions, such as: spread rates, disease clusters, points of infection and analysis of virus progression and mobility.


  1. What is Covid-19?


This option sends the user to an official government platform with all the necessary information on symptoms, ways of spreading and medical care.




If the patient receives any suspicious results of the disease, the app asks him to invite five people with whom he had contact to make a self-assessment through the app.


In this way, the application’s Data Analytics anticipates and reaches patients even before they present symptoms, reducing the spread of the virus.


See more about “Dados do Bem” at the official website.

*App available only in Brazil