How the largest hotel chain in South America generated revenue and Big Data over WiFi

Atlantica Hotels is the largest hotel group in South America. Present in more than 40 Brazilian cities with 11,000 rooms, it is considered the best TripAdvisor accommodation in 12 cities. By 2018, it had over 125 active hotels.



Zoox’s relationship with Atlantica began by providing high-performance WiFi networks to guests. In a recent survey by Forrester Research, 94% of corporate travelers require high-performance WiFi, and 89% don’t even consider staying in hotels that don’t have WiFi.


The main challenge of this phase of the project was to adapt the platform to the hotel structure, without the expense of purchasing new equipment. Within a few months, most hotels already had Zoox Smart WiFi and a unique dashboard with real-time guest information.



A second step in the project was to structure and enrich the big database for the customer. Through WiFi, the intent was to nurture this foundation to extract insight into guest behavior in physical environments.


While logged in, guests are exposed to satisfaction surveys and behavioral questions that enrich the hotel’s database. Cloud-hosted, this database is powered by all Smart WiFi users.

Turning WIFI into FREE Media Space


“Zoox has a ready-to-use hotel solution that opens a wide range of possibilities.” Leonardo Rispoli – Marketing & Sales VP


With the entire WiFi structure ensuring guest comfort and database enrichment, it was time to go a step further: generate revenue from WiFi.


Through Zoox Media, hotels are now running advertisements for users connected to the platform. Invitations, promotions, coupons, and branding are shown to targeted users while browsing, turning WiFi into a functional and free media space.