Take off your career in the data universe. Be a Zooxer and be part of a team that promotes digital transformation in various businesses.

Our essence

We are Insight to Act –  innovation and develop technology to generate insights that guide better decisions and drive business forward. More than a team obsessed with results, we are good,

customer as a priority. We believe in data-driven culture as a business engine and compass for trends, and in data intelligence to improve the way we live and work.

Zoox was elected in 2022, one of the five best mid-sized technology and innovation companies to work for in Rio de Janeiro. The position is recognition of a solid work to keep the team united and engaged around its purpose: to help clients through the intelligence of the data ecosystem to better understand people and provide memorable experiences.

Board our
rocket and learn
about our values!

Customer is

We are customer-centric. The customer here comes first, and we focus on building relationships and generating value.

We are good, no
matter what it cost

We guide our behaviors, actions and decisions by integrity and ethics at all times.

We are all open-minded

We are all brave and nonconformist owners. We are open-minded and see everyday life as a continuous learning opportunity.

We value diversity
and inclusion

We are looking for a diverse team in all areas. We believe that diversity promotes a healthier and more productive environment.

We are defendants of your
data and we respect your
privacy always.

We work with respect for your privacy and security. We cultivate coherence between what is said and what is done.

 We are obsessed with results, excellence and have fun in the process.

We are doers by nature. Excellence and efficiency are our starting point. And, of course, we have fun in our day to day.

Benefits of Zoox

To fly higher, you have to be well! How about knowing the benefits of Zooxers?

Our essence

We are obsessed with results and have fun in the process.

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