About Zoox

We create innovation and develop technology to generate insights that guide better decisions and drive business forward.

Our history

The foundation

The company “Zoox Soluções em Conectibilidade” is created to manage Wi-Fi in the hotel segment

The beginning of a movement

Growth of projects across Brazil, and establishment of an office in São Paulo


Zoox goes beyond Wi-fI and begins to transform itself into a Big Data company.

No borders

International expansion from Argentina, Mexico, United States, France and Spain.

New house

First round of fundraising.

The Zoox Eye

Launch of the Data Science & Analytics platform and the Zoox Labs squads.

New Ways

Development of a new Strategic Plan; Restructuring of offices and opening of CoWorking in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo;Expansion to other business segments.

What we do

We are a Brazilian technology and innovation company focused on Data Science & Analytics solutions, smart Wi-Fi solutions and data processing. In addition to promoting an innovative and pioneering approach in the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to generate business insights , enabling projects with proven results.

We are everywhere, bringing value and contributing to the growth and strategy of thousands of companies around the world. We grow, but we never stop having an entrepreneurial, innovative and disruptive soul. We are obsessed with results and use the power of data to reach them!

Rafael de Albuquerque