5 Dangerous Technologies to Watch in the Future


You do not need to watch a lot of science fiction movies to understand the potential risks of technology. Since the 20th century, technology has benefited humanity. It explains why investment in technologies is growing every year. However, it also has the potential to hurt humanity.

As technology developments increase across the world, some technologies deserve more attention than others. Some technologies have the potential to infringe on our privacy, freedom of expression, and other civil liberties.

So, check out the 5 technologies to watch in the future.


1. Facial Recognition


There are useful features for facial recognition, but it can easily be used for illegal purposes.

This technology is common for racial profiling surveillance in China. For example, they monitor and control the flow of Muslims living in the country. In Russia, there are street cameras that search for “persons of interest.” 

In addition, there is a concern of the biographical data that refers directly to a person. Such data can identify the person through facial gestures, fingerprints, and other biometrics. The problem exists when this information is used inappropriately.


2. Smart Drones


Drones started as a cool gadget for personal use. With drones, people are able to experience amazing panoramas from almost anywhere in the world.

Now, imagine the possibility of a drone with the intelligence to participate in combat. You can stop imagining it because the military is using these smart drones.

These drones enable a minimization of effort to achieve success efficiently for missions. However, during wartime missions, the military may employ this technology and cause serious problems.

Due to technological errors, it is possible that smart drones can misidentify enemies and execute attacks on the wrong people.




3. Artificial Intelligence Cloning


With the support of artificial intelligence (AI), the only requirement to clone someone’s voice is a snippet of the person’s voice. In addition, the AI can take multiple pictures or videos of a person to create an entirely new video that appears original.

Deepfake technology uses facial mapping, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to create representations of people doing and saying things they never did. Unfortunately, technology can use very little data to create a convincingly fake video.


4. Fake News Bots

GROVER is an artificial intelligence system capable of writing a false report from just a newspaper headline.

The Open AI nonprofit company created bots to produce convincingly fake news. However, the organization decided not to publicly disclose the research to prevent technology misuse. The possibilities of this technology can make any government lose sleep.


5. “Smart Dust”


The microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are the size of a grain of salt with sensors and cameras. This “smart dust” has a multitude of positive uses in health and safety, but it would be scary to see the technology used for illicit activities.

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