5 questions about Zoox Pay, Zoox’s Payments API


Since 15th June, when the launch of its own payment platform within the Zoox system was announced, the subject has generated great repercussions, with appearances in the press and many people commenting.


After the disclosure of Zoox Experience, a product with several technological solutions that automate the Guest Experience in hotels, Zoox Pay is a natural next step aiming to integrate technology with other markets.



1- How does Zoox Pay work?


The customer receives the link with the invoice by SMS. By clicking on the link, the customer is invited to enter the Zoox Pay environment. It is only necessary to register the card data and facial biometrics only once.


Through the AWS Facial Recognition platform, Zoox captures the customer’s facial biometrics and stores it in a database. Then, every time the customer needs to pay, just take a selfie.


2- Can payment using facial recognition facilitate scams and fraud? How will the data be protected?


In reality, Facial Recognition is a much safer technology and is used precisely to combat fraud. As each human being has authentic facial biometrics, the chances of suffering fraud are minuscule. Each time the technology is used, the refinement is greater, as the new selfie is compared with all other selfies and evaluated using a scoring system. This score determines a level of similarity, and the process only continues if the score is close to 100%.


As for data processing, the entire process is in accordance with the General Data Privacy Law, which provides maximum security and privacy for the customer. The data is encrypted in a high-security cloud, associated with Amazon Web Services.


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3- Do I need to install any applications?


No. Zoox Pay is a completely web-based platform, that is, it works in the client’s browser, without the need for installation. For the business owner, Zoox Pay works as an API that is quickly integrated into the financial system.


4- How does the business owner track payments?


For the business owner, Zoox offers a rich and intuitive dashboard, with real-time monitoring of all payments and invoices. Statistics, reports, and insights are displayed in this panel in a simple and intuitive way.


5- What influence will this type of technology have on the consumer’s life?


If before, to order a taxi, the consumer needed to go to the sidewalk, today he can do it by cell phone. The same thing will be with the payment. In an increasingly Low Touch world, enabling payments to be made by cell phones is a solution that provides speed, convenience, and security. The establishments, in turn, will have fewer costs with cashiers and receptionists.


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