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Customer Success X Support: What Is It And Differences

Customer Success x Support: what is it and differences


The days of selling the product to the consumer and saying “Thank you for shopping with us, have a good one!” are over. In the SaaS (Software as a Service) segment, market leaders need their customers to renew their contracts year after year. For this retention, companies are looking for solutions that improve their services and simplify to the maximum the use of the software by the client.

Two of these solutions are Support and Customer Success. Technical Support comes into play whenever the customer realizes a problem and needs an urgent solution. Customer Success actively participates in the beginning of the customer’s relationship with the service. The two services are extremely important for the user to feel well taken care of. Being aware of the differences between them is an important factor for the success of a business.

Customer Success and the Way to Achieve It (CS)

Increasingly used in the B2B segment, CS is an area of ​​direct customer connection. Lincoln Murphy, world reference in Customer Success, gives the following definition:

“Customer Success is when your customers achieve their desired results through interactions with your company.”

Based on this definition, the CS team is responsible for ensuring the customer’s total success by maintaining contact periodically, explaining all the content of the software and how to use it in the best way to optimize the results. Through this contact, the team knows the customer, what their problems are and how their service can solve them.

Some terms should be considered when evaluating success with a customer, such as: his engagement with the supplier company, the churn rate (customer cancellations in a month), and metrics like NPS and Health Score, which are basically if he is engaged with the company or if he is about to give churn, in short, if he is “healthy.”

To ensure customer success, a CS member must be organized and proactive. Developing trainings, collecting feedback from users, proposing changes to client procedures, following up and creating strategies to ensure that the tool is being used correctly and integrally are some functions in this area.

Technical support and prevention of customer insecurity

Technical Support provides support for installation, configuration and maintenance of software and hardware, as well as performing functional tests and monitoring the performance of technical resources to enhance customer use.

It is important to have the notion that unforeseen events happen and that can mean additional expenses and losses. Therefore, knowing how to combat failures is essential for customer loyalty. The support prevents the company from falling into the hole called “insecurity” that the client may have if he hears reports that a company’s support does not meet perfectly.

Customer Success x Support

“Customer Success is very important in strengthening a customer-centric culture. It is critical to the company’s growth strategy,” says Carolina Guima, Manager of the Customer Success team at Zoox.

Now that you know how the two services work, it’s important to realize the differences between them, and nothing better than a pratical approach to distinguish between them:

You just got Zoox Smart WiFi for your business. After closing with you, the sales team transfers your service to the CS team. They will accompany you and teach you step by step, in a personalized way, how to employ the tool integrally and strategically for your business.

At the beginning, CS will develop training, be available for possible doubts and propose new ways of using the system to suit the new platform. This process is called Customer Onboarding, and the main objective is to describe the client’s journey from the first contact with the software, in order to have a complete view of the tool’s value.

After this period, if a connection or platform problem occurs, you will contact the support. It will ensure that everything works as promised, installation and service maintenance.

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Through this example, we can see the main differences between CS and Support: while CS acts as a proactive 360º tool presentation, Support comes into play when requested by the client. In this way,, there is consistency across the flow of service use.