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Zoox Smart Pass: Check-in With Facial Recognition

Zoox Smart Pass: check-in with facial recognition

Zoox Smart Pass: check-in com reconhecimento facial

Facial Recognition, Machine Learning and Big Data are words that make everyone excited, we know that technology is changing the world we live in and everyone wants to be part of it. The big problem is how to apply these concepts to solutions that can deliver real results. That’s why we have created a functional alternative of check-in with facial recognition.

Check-in is one of the oldest hotel systems, the old guest form is still used in many networks. There is nothing wrong with the traditional check-in, but it has just won a new look.

Very often, check-in is a major nuisance that does not generate any value to the customer.

Have you ever imagined spending hours on a plane, and a few more hours in traffic, carrying heavy bags and, before going to your well-deserved rest, still having to fill out a form, which does not add any value to the user experience with the hotel?

So, the question is: how do you serve both the hotel (internal) and the external (customer) public, without lowering the service standard and still generating enchantment?

How to check-in with facial recognition

With this in mind, Zoox Smart Data has joined Big Data and facial recognition into an innovative technology solution: Zoox Smart Pass.

The operation is simple: when taking a photo, the guest is registered automatically and can check in using his own face, in check-in with facial recognition he only needs to look at a camera for a few seconds.

Zoox Smart Pass revolutionizes hotel management and delights the guest, who wins in comfort.

There is no more reason to waste time with papers at check-in, the registration system is unified and can bring together all of the hotel chain’s subsidiaries, and gives the customer the feeling of care and premium service.

It is data management at the service of the best user experience.

Zoox Smart Pass is also Big Data

The ability to check in via facial recognition is already impressive, but Zoox Smart Pass is not only limited to that.

Along with other technologies developed by Zoox, the hotel has access to valuable information to create a better stay experience.

Ever wondered if you knew which item is most consumed by your client in the minibar or the team he’s cheering for serving you in a customized way? All of this is possible!

We know that data is the future of business, and Zoox Smart Pass upgrades your hotel.

Along with our Big Data technologies, we cross-track information as your customer registers with Zoox Smart Pass, draw a consumer profile and provide you with valuable information to create a unique experience.

And how important are tailor-made hotel experiences?

In a research carried out by Deloitte, guests defined a good hotel as “where they remember me,” “places that create amazing moments,” “engage me in a personalized, authentic and attentive way,” and 71% said being surprised at one hotel is the most important to have a remarkable experience.

Zoox Smart Pass is a solution that benefits management and streamlines the service of the hotel chain, and never again will the check-in be a slow process and no perceived value to the guest: now it has the potential to be fast and surprise in a positive way.

Make innovation and technology go hand-in-hand at your hotel.

Download our Guide to Facial Recognition in Practice

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