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How Artificial Intelligence Makes Companies More Human

How artificial intelligence makes companies more human

How artificial intelligence makes companies more human

Artificial intelligence is an area of technology that has always been discussed in film and literature. While science fiction worked our imagination in films like Artificial Intelligence, Metropolis, Space Odyssey and others, technology was advancing, and what was fiction, now is reality. But you know how artificial intelligence makes companies more human?

While many share an image of the negative side of artificial intelligence, presenting it as an impersonal and dangerous technology, in Zoox Smart Data, we see the other side: that artificial intelligence is indeed a great ally of humanity.

How artificial intelligence makes companies more human?

Artificial intelligence makes life easier for users

Technology companies are the ones that most use artificial intelligence to make life easier for users, and the result is a great success with the public. You yourself should use A.I. every day without realizing it.

The smartphone is one example, this device is a real hit with the public, without which many people cannot live, is full of artificial intelligence applications.

You know when you write something wrong and your cell phone fixes it? Or when Google completes with a few words the search you would do? Or when the mobile phone accepts your voice command? All these applications are possible through artificial intelligence.

And all these facilities are not by chance. Companies know that the consumer experience is essential to doing business.  According to a Gartner study, by 2020 more than 40% of all data analysis will aim to improve the user experience.

Artificial intelligence improves customer service

In an ever-accelerating world, no one wants to waste time with long waiting times, does it? Calling a help desk and having to wait more than 5 minutes is no longer acceptable. Or a 20-person waiting line on a phone call.

Through intelligence programs known as Chatbots, companies are already using artificial intelligence to serve their customers faster, more innovatively, and that meets the demands of the modern consumer seeking greater agility.

Programmed to respond to the demands as a human, the chatbots understand the context of each conversation and learn from their mistakes, delivering a high-quality service that is always online and available.

According to Gartner, this type of program increases customer satisfaction, reduces attendance costs by up to 33%, and reduces the number of recurring questions by up to 70%.

According to the same study, it is this type of result that makes 84% of companies plan to increase investment in technologies that improve the user experience. Notice how artificial intelligence makes companies more human?

Artificial intelligence makes life easier for employees

The best part of artificial intelligence is that it offers an improvement in efficiency to the organizations and at the same time is a great promise to improve the contemporary work experience.

According to IDC, one of the main reasons for an employee to leave a company is the fact that they feel they are not doing anything important.

The more automatic an operation, the more employees turn to strategic areas and spend their time on activities that generate greater impact.

Innovations do not just impact the work routine, the Marriot hotel chain for example already uses technology to improve its recruitment process, creating a special Chatbot for everyone who is applying for a position.

The result was a 40% increase in the relationship between interviews and hirings.

While fear of new technologies is commonplace, the World Economic Forum points out the exact opposite in the case of artificial intelligence, which is expected to generate about 58 million jobs around the world.

Zoox Smart Data believes in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence improves the lives of consumers, business efficiency and helps in creating more humane companies.

With so many advantages, Zoox Smart Data could not fail to invest in this technology that is shaping the future.

Our solutions, such as Zoox Smart WiFi and the Zoox Smart Pass, use the latest information when it comes to Big Data and artificial intelligence, thinking about increasing your organization’s efficiency, as well as consumer satisfaction.

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